Our Mission

To help teams play with pride.


Goal Sportswear, based in China, is a uniform customization company with dedication to sublimation printing technology. Our products include uniforms for sports like ice hockey, cycling, motor cycling, rugby, soccer, basketball,wrestling, cricket, baseball, netball, lacrosse etc,. Any kind of uniforms you can think of, we make it happen.

We use state-of-the-art machinery in every step of the process to make your uniforms just how you want them to be, stylish and unique, good quality and yet cost-effective. Our know-how ranges from design, through the manufacturing of all components of the uniform, to its distribution around the world.


Frank is the founder of Goalsportwear. He has 9 years proven experience in the apparel customization industry and has witnessed the technical shift from screen printing to sublimation printing. As a product manager, he makes sure of a smoothly run manufacturing process so that all apparels our clients receive are of the highest quality and will always be shipped on time.


Anna is head of the sales team at Goalsportswear. With 5 years experience in the apparel customization industry, Anna has developed a thorough understanding of our clients. In more than 500 projects we have worked on, not in one time did Anna fail our clients.

If you have a question, be it before the custom, during the process or after the order is fulfilled, Anna is the right person to talk to.


Our Team


- International Business Executive


- Designer Director


- Customer Service Officer

Yingchun PU

- Factory Director

Our Main Equipment

Japanese MUTOH High Accuracy Printer

Japanese YAMATO Feed-off-the-arm Flatseamer FD-62

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